About US


As B-CHARGE, we support mobility for a sustainable future where smart, reliable and emission-free transportation will be accessible to everyone everywhere. Bakırcı E-Mobility Teknoloji A.Ş. started its activities in order to ensure that reducing solutions become widespread.


We adopt a sustainable and customer-oriented approach with our charging station sales and service, network software support, special charging station designs and concept studies, training and business development solutions, from highways to homes, from vehicle fleets to individual use and various commercial enterprises.

In order to support the infrastructure of electric vehicles in Turkey; B-CHARGE is a company that responds to the installation and technical training needs of all these systems with the sales of charging stations, service and technical infrastructure support, network operator of charging stations and solar energy systems (GES).
As a Network Operator of charging stations, especially in Turkey and in other countries where it operates in the field of electric vehicle charging stations, it provides services under the brand name of ‘B-CHARGE’.
Adopting the importance of seeing the whole and sustainability, B-CHARGE offers its customers the concept of “360° Service”. Thanks to this approach, it serves the e-Mobility sector with a wide range of new business models, strategy, process consultancy and turnkey projects, as well as charging stations Network Operator.
Growing, institutionalizing, but trying to stay in life no matter what and to dominate every detail of his work. B-CHARGE describes itself as a “Strategic Solution Partner” that acts with the approach of building the future.


We offer end-to-end charging stations and network operator services for today and tomorrow. We contribute to the realization of our country’s e-Mobility ecosystem, and within this framework, we ensure the proliferation of solutions that reduce carbon emissions in order to protect and improve natural environmental conditions.
To take a role in the realization of our country's e-Mobility ecosystem, to protect natural environmental conditions within this framework, and to ensure the dissemination of solutions that reduce carbon emissions in order to improve these conditions.
To adopt a sustainable and customer-oriented approach and to provide all kinds of electric vehicle charging stations services.