B-CHARGE Network Operator Software; It is a database that provides control of charging stations, payment methods, efficiency reports, vehicle/person data creation.

This platform includes all the management functions needed by a station owner with only one point, to a corporate company providing service at thousands of points, in order to provide charging services to its customers.
Thanks to the remote and central management features of the software, the tariffs of the charging units can be determined, energy consumption can be reported, the collected costs can be viewed, the usage can be switched on and off, the fault conditions can be checked instantly and software updates can be performed when necessary.


It is a mobile application system where electric vehicle users find the nearest charging unit, navigate and make their payments online.
  • Electric Vehicle drivers can see the available charging stations (online active/inactive)
  • Charging station reservation
  • They can start and stop charging momentarily
  • They can pay with various payment methods (CC, QR, Wallet Account)
  • Being able to go to the charging station with navigation
  • Various advertising activities specific to companies
Mobil Uygulama
Web Portalı


A web portal, especially for commercial enterprises, where all the details of the charging stations in their locations are controlled, instantaneous analysis and financial follow-up.
  • Managing your electric vehicle charging stations after installing and connecting them
  • Monitoring and management of usage of your charging stations
  • Creating different user groups
  • Instant data tracking and analysis of charging stations
  • Determination of tariff and pricing
  • Payment methods and billing


An end-to-end solution system that enables commercial enterprises to monitor the process management of charging stations with all its details, connect their stations to the network, manage and remotely control their stations.

B-CHARGE is a Network Operator; a software system where everything is in one ecosystem with application for electric vehicle drivers, Web Portal for charging station owners and commercial enterprises.
In short, it is an end-to-end software platform that enables charging stations to be networked, operated, managed and remotely controlled.

App + Web Portalı