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Products - B-CHARGE

CertIfIed by EA Manufacturers
ChargIng StatIons

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Approved by Manufacturers. Embracing the principle of “The prerequisite for winning is to make your customers win,” B-CHARGE provides charging station services to its customers in line with this principle.

B-CHARGE has embraced the collaboration with electric vehicle manufacturers’ approved charging station manufacturers to provide its customers with high-quality and reliable products.

In It’s product range, B-CHARGE offers a variety of charging stations for electric vehicles, including AC (7.4-22 kW) wired, wireless, and pedestal/stand types based on the suitability of the installation location. Additionally, there are Mini DC (24-30 kW) fixed or portable charging stations available, along with high-speed DC (50-380 kW) charging stations for various commercial enterprises.

Ac Duvar İşi İstasyonları Konsept
AC Wallbox Chargıng Statıons
Sales of 7-22 kW AC Wallbox charging devices that can be used either by end-users at home or in workplaces, or by commercial enterprises in public locations.
  • The B-CHARGE software ensures that simple software updates prepare the charging unit for the future.
  • It allows users to authenticate with the charging units through the B-CHARGE application or RFID card. Configuration can be easily done via the B-CHARGE app and web portal.
  • It displays the charging status through the B-CHARGE application, providing information about the charging units’ status (availability, session count, energy distribution).
Mını DC Chargıng Statıons
Sales of 24 kW DC charging devices suitable for fast charging your electric vehicle at home, workplace, public locations, or commercial enterprises, compatible with all types of electric vehicles.
  • Smart charging capability with B-CHARGE software integration for balancing load demands and device control.
  • With its technological infrastructure, it offers a sustainable revenue opportunity advantage for businesses by supporting today’s and tomorrow’s electric vehicles.
  • Approved by leading electric vehicle manufacturers, the Terra DC wall-mounted fast charging unit is secure, intelligent, and future-proof.
Dc Şarj İstasyonu Konsepti
DC Fast Chargıng Statıons
Sales of 50-380 kW DC fast charging stations for rapid charging of electric vehicles at high speeds. Offering additional benefits, particularly for commercial enterprises, we provide sales and software-supported assistance for all types of high-speed DC charging stations.
  • 200 – 500 V DC (Terra 54) or 200 – 920 V DC charging voltage output.
  • Newly developed connector holders for easier usage.
  • Through the B-CHARGE Operator Software, additional options such as MID energy measurement, integration with building management systems, cable management, etc. are available.
  • Customizable user interface, including branding options that can be tailored according to preferences.
  • Authorization through PIN code.
Mobil Taşınabilir Konsept
Mobıle / Portable Chargıng Statıons
A mobile charging station that you can take with you wherever you travel, easily transport in your vehicle, and use in emergencies as well.

Sales of versatile portable/mobile charging devices with different connectors, allowing you to use them for both 1-phase and 3-phase charging.

Type 2 Chargıng Cables
Sales of all types of Type 2 charging cables that you can carry in your electric vehicle and use to charge your vehicle.
  • Type 2 Cable (5m; 1-Phase; 32A)
  • Type 2 Cable (7m; 3-Phase, 32A)