Solar Energy Systems


As B-CHARGE, in order to meet the demands of customers in Solar Energy Systems (GES), it cooperates with Turkey’s leading Solar Energy Systems manufacturers and provides services in this field as well. According to the demand, with the roof energy systems of the companies serving in the field of industry; GES installations for residences, sites and villas
B-CHARGE, is the first charging station network operator in Turkey, providing services for Bidirectional charging.

The energy produced from solar energy is stored in the battery system and can be used without a power cut or instantaneous interruption according to the demand of the end user.
Thanks to B-CHARGE’s B-Directional charging software, the energy produced from the solar panel can be transferred to the charging station when necessary without drawing energy from the grid, while the energy in the vehicle can be transferred from the vehicle to the house (V2H), from the vehicle to the grid (V2G), or from the vehicle to everything (V2X), depending on the need.

V2G stands for 'vehicle to grid'. This system acts as a bridge for the energy in the grid, storing energy during off-peak hours and returning it to the grid during peak hours.

The V2G cycle allows electric vehicles to store or discharge electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, depending on weather conditions and time of day.
This technology can enable electric vehicle owners to reduce their electricity bills by using the energy in the vehicle when they are not using their vehicles.
Likewise, V2X transaction means ‘from vehicle to everything’. It usually does not directly affect grid performance, but creates a balance in the local environment. The electric vehicle can be used as a built-in backup power source during power outages or for increased self-consumption of the generated energy.

V2G, V2X Şarj İşlemi