B-CHARGE Technical Services; the department of initial installation, assembly, device relocation, periodic maintenance, calibration, user training and after-sales services for all products we sell to our customers.

In addition to its expert technical staff in its centre in Istanbul, it provides fast and result-oriented after-sales services with its solution partners in 14 different cities in Turkey, mainly Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Adana, Gaziantep and Diyarbakır.
Apart from its solution partners in Turkey, B-CHARGE also provides service abroad with various collaborations including

Servis Harita

Apart from its solution partners in Turkey, B-CHARGE also provides service abroad with various collaborations including Azerbaijan, TRNC and Balkan Countries

As B-CHARGE, it has the capacity to serve within the same day from the contracted service points in line with the importance and sensitivity of the service services..

In order to provide the best service, it attaches great importance to the quality of its personnel and continues to invest in this direction.



Control of the device assembly with the requested place/area before the installation and wiring of the charging stations.

The suitability of the existing electrical panel and the area meter calculation are made by our expert teams.


All of the installation and cabling works required for the installation of charging stations are done by us.

Even if the charging station is purchased from another point, we also provide services only for installation and cabling works.


Installation and commissioning processes for all kinds of charging stations are carried out by our team

Regardless of the brand, we provide technical support even if you bought the charging stations from another point or if they were in the vehicle, you bought them.


Regardless of the old or new generation, the maintenance and calibration service of all charging stations is performed by our technical service

In addition, software updates and controls of the charging station are also carried out by us.

Substitute Device

In case of specific faults with a long repair time, replacement device support until the fault is repaired.

B-CHARGE is the only technical service in Turkey that provides all kinds of charging stations (AC and DC) replacement devices.

Online Support

Our Call Centre line, which you can reach 24/7 regarding the malfunctions that occur, is at your service.

We have a team of experts who can solve malfunctions by connecting to devices that can be accessed remotely.